Saturday, 23 August 2014

Redo your Room -Make My Home

Make My Home is a new lifestyle E-shopping destination.
You get everything from furniture, electrical's, bathroom, kitchen and furnishing sections.
So the contest goes this way that i have to choose three items to give my room a new spin.

I choose to redo my Bedroom and i would make it look MINIMALISTIC + ethnic... well i wrote minimalistic in CAPS because the most part of the room would be minimal and only a teeny weeny part will have a hit of Colour i.e. ETHNIC.

The picture given below is just how the overall room would look...

I would add three main elements and the link to those are given check it out

1. Mirror- The long mirror would totally do justice to an overall white room and also it is a great add on when you want to see yourself head to toe or maybe click a quick SELFIE ..*wink* Mirror are really a wise investment if you have a small room and it gives an illusion which makes the room seem more bigger.. GREAT right..

2. Sofa-  Sofa in bedroom seems quite debatable but i think they add a nice element to the overall look.
 Reading in sofa with a mug of coffee well that's my BINGO.
 The sofa i have chosen is a single seater though it upon you, if you like a double seater you can try that.
 I basically chose a very vibrant ethnic sofa type so that it adds a dash of colour and quirks the room up.    

3. Painting- Thirdly, i chose a Bani Thani painting which would look beautiful and pull out the whole look of the room along with the sofa ,its just an icing on the cake.

White walls and mirror would co ordinate really well and the whole white room would give a really simple and minimal look and this has an advantage since White is like an empty canvas and you can paint it with any color you want. So here the Sofa and the Painting are my paints for now...

So go on check out the site and the three items listed above..Hope you like them as much as i loved choosing them out.

If i can then i would surely love to do a post on a reading nook area or a study room deco inspiration too....until then xoxo

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