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Aditya runs a gaming company that is struggling to break even. A banker slips off a
highrise building, plunging to her death. The finance minister has made some promises
that he is finding hard to keep. The LTTE has unleashed terror in America that sends
the FBI on a wild goose chase, bringing them to Mumbai.
Enter Varun, parttime drug dealer and fulltime genius. He turns around the gaming
company before disaster strikes. Meanwhile, the investigators plunge headlong into
the shady world of bitcoins and the Dark Net, websites that only exist for illegal
transactions—drugs, sex and money. God Is a Gamer culminates in a stunning climax
where money means nothing, assassination is taught by the ancient Greeks, and nothing
is as it seems.


BOOM...this book was packed with thrill right from the beginning.
I received the signed copy of the book but was not able to review it earlier because i had my finals, anyways coming back to the book, i loved the book.

Honestly i was a bit hesitant as to how i would like this book after i read the first few pages of it because it had lot of  terms which i would refer to as too calculative and economy based, so i was a bit on the other side but as the story unfolds it gets more interesting and you get the idea and how the bitcoins and how the giant finances work.

The book kicks start with the US senator being killed and the resulting investigations to figure it out.

Then comes two large corporate heads i.e. Vijay Banga who is the President of MasterCard International and Joseph Saunders the CEO of VISA International

Later on India comes to the scene where an International banking company faces trouble when the people are scammed off their money.  

I think this book is for those people who are interested in banking cause it has a huge amount of banking topics in it.

Since it is a thriller a mystery if i write much about it you would get to know the plot a bit so i would not take away the reading experience from you because trust me guys i know how it feels like when someone give you the spoilers.

All in all it is not my absolute favorite because the ending was quite predictable but the twist and the turns and the plot to be precise kept me hooked.

If you like thrillers or you have a cliche with banking books i would suggest you to read it.

''success is not always measured in terms of dollars earned or turnover. It is measured in terms of the difference you have made to the people around you.”

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