Tuesday, 13 January 2015


ACNE & ME - When Puberty Kicked In

ACHE-NE, this is how i would describe what and how it feels to experience the ruthless journey of acne and pimples.
This is not a story but an experience most girls and women face from the early teens when there is a huge hormonal change in the process and not everyone is blessed with a good and clear skin.

When puberty kicked in with it came a lot of changes and of course then came the monthly bump of pimple near my chin and a frequent visitor peeking out in my forehead. This visitors didn't make me happy and instead brought alienation and made me feel less confident about myself.
I remember my cousin saying ' oh my god, don't you wash your face'? And i felt like shit that day, and people sometimes don't know how it feels to deal with acne and pimples. 

Acne hits a person ,man or women so bad that i have seen some friends and family who suffer from acne to not socialize and they do not come for parties and they do not at all click any Selfie or Group pictures and it is all because of their lost self confidence.

I always hosted assemblies in schools and suddenly when i was up in the stage i felt disorientated as if everyone is not looking at me but my ugly face and that is when it hit me the most that i have lost my self esteem.

With not much access to internet that time i didn't know any of those home remedy or DIY that now kids and girls of my age do. 
I slowly though started using products solely for acne prone skin like the Garnier Neem face wash and it started working but not without me working extra and taking care of my hygiene for it. I started eating less oily food and more healthy food and i cut down on dairy big time, for example i stopped having cheese. Cheese was a major reason on why i got those horrible breakouts which i later came to know and i stopped having that and slowly i  got my skin put all together.

We Women are always conscious of how we look and we take pride in looking our best and being the best we can and that is when we get the confidence to socially mingle with friends and family and even it helps in our career , because a strong personality is a women's most priced possession. 

Right products are really helpful to tame down those bumps and neem is one of them, neem products have antibacterial properties which is a tough master to those acne and it will work in treating and soothing your skin.

The neem property in this face wash new avatar of Garnier is the -GARNIER PURE ACTIVE NEEM. This would help in taming those bumps and it would remove those extra sebum in your skin to wash out and give a clean face. Tea tree is excellent for acne and what better then kill two birds with one stone because this time this face wash has even green tree oil extract. It cant get better guys. I would recommend that after using this Garnier Face wash , you should follow it up with a toner and then a moisturizer for your particular skin type.

To know more above the face wash click on the link -bit.ly/GarnierPureActiveNeemWebsite


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